A Review: Winter Snack Mats with Melinda Davenport

December 6, 2010

One of the new features that we have include in this season’s edition of Rhythm of The Home is a group of project testers who work in the categories of fiber projects, recipes, sewing, and handwork. Our hope is to show our readers some of the innovative ways that the projects can be done, as well as to just give feedback to those who may be interested to see what challenges each project presents.

Today we are excited to welcome Melinda Davenport, of the beautiful blog The Enchanted Button, to our space to review the ROTH Winter edition project, Winter Snack Mats. This is a beautiful sewing project made by the incredible Josie Stott.

We hope you enjoy Melinda’s beautiful words, and Josie’s project as a simple way to bring some warmth and joy into your children’s daily snack time.

This week I have had the joy of creating a winter snack mat for my darling daughter. The finished snack mat is a sweet size being about 8 ½” x 6 ½”, just right for a piece of thick homemade gingerbread and a tiny warm teacup. Being a small size meant I was able to make use of some leftover white linen and cotton batting.

The instructions by Josie were really easy to follow and the project didn’t take long at all (I actually made mine at midnight while everyone else was asleep). The pictures were fantastic for explaining what each step should look like. The only mistakes I made were leaving the gap (for turning the mat right side out) next to the corner which made it a little bit tricky to seam and close the gap. It was a lot of fun cutting out the mushroom pieces by hand and easier to get a nice shape than I thought. The next mat I make I will probably sew the mushroom pieces down by hand using some nice embroidery thread in a contrasting colour. The double seam around the perimeter of the mat really helps it sit nice and flat, and although I didn’t quilt this mat I will on the next one (probably with a swirly pattern as I love spirals). It was very heart warming to see my daughter using my homemade mat for her afternoon snack.

If you have made this project, please feel free to leave your comments about changes, links to blog posts, etc.

If you are interested in project testing for Rhythm of The Home, please email us at rhythmofthehome@gmail.com

Winners of the Winter Giveaway will be announced tonight, so stay tuned!

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Jennifer December 6, 2010 at 1:59 pm

Very sweet, I bet the embroidered spirals would be beautiful. Such a cute little tea cup!

Vanessa December 6, 2010 at 8:09 pm

These are so lovely and sweet. I admit, however, that the sight of a white eating mat makes me squirm — my filthy but darling little eaters would have that thing smeared with ground in food in no time. So how does a white eating mat work? I don’t think my children have BAD manners, their just little and have my penchant for enthusiastic and frequently messy consumption.

Melinda Davenport December 7, 2010 at 3:21 am

Thanks :-) I didn’t really think about the white, I just happened to have a bit of white linen in my fabric stash. If it gets abit stained I will dye it with some natural dyes and give it a different look. My children are very messy eaters as well, I think for dry types of food it will work well :-)

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