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April 30, 2013

Being: Conscious, mortal existence; life.

Every month we welcome two families, two people, two voices to share their stories in whatever way they choose. We hope that you find joy in their daily lives, and their simple habit of just being.


Here I sit, at the computer, sun-kissed and tired after a sun filled busy spring weekend.  What to write about? I’ve been asking myself for the last hour.  There are so many topics, and I have so many thoughts on life, gardening, cooking, mothering, creating.

And suddenly, it dawned on me.   


The name of this blog, the editors of which have so kindly invited me to share in this space this month.


What I’m so deeply feeling in this moment: the time in between the out breath of winter and the in breath of summer.  The desire for fresh vegetables after months of roots.  The need for movement, sunshine and warmth after so many still months in the cold.  The music that fills our house through all of it -always the music.  And all of it, built upon that word.  Six letters, put together simply enough, to describe so many very extraordinary things.  Music, dance, day, night, winter, spring, summer, autumn, growth, death, life.  Rhythm.


I had the very special pleasure today of dancing the May Pole.  Rhythm in our step as we danced, in our ears as we took in the music, and our hearts as we rejoice in the season.  The season of new life and growth, of a renewed world.  The sunrise to our day.


And so, as I sat, my cheeks rosy from an afternoon of sun filled dancing, it dawned on me.  Rhythm is what I should write about.  A word overflowing with meanings that may take a lifetime to understand.  In our world, it can take a lot of effort to listen to rhythm.  Every time we buy a tomato in the dead of winter, turn our air conditioner on in the heat of summer or turn the t.v. up over the birds of spring we drown out the rhythms of our world.  Living locally, seasonally, holistically, and in tune with the natural world is not always an easy task in our modern society.


But ignore the conveniences and luxuries of modern life, if only for a while and you will start to know the rhythms of our world.  You will hear it with the birds’ return in March and the silent snow of January.  You will feel it on your skin with the heat of August and cold of January.  You will see it as the leaves turn red in October and the grass turns green in April.  You will taste it with the fresh strawberries in July, and the winter squash in November.


Unknowingly, it is what I have been seeking: rhythm.  All my gardening, cooking, making and doing is in pursuit of knowing the rhythms of this beautiful world and the living beings within.  And the rich history of the May Pole tells me that I’m not alone in this pursuit.  These rhythms are bigger than us, bigger than our understanding.  They are rooted deep in the earth and each of it’s beings; every insect, plant, animal and mineral.  There are those who seek to unfold it’s mysteries, if even the tiniest bit.  The May Pole is a jubilant revelry of the rhythms, both what we understand about them, and what we probably never will.


Wishing you a lovely May, filled with new growth, life, music, and most especially, rhythm.

This month we are happy to welcome Beatrice to the blog to participate in the Being series! Beatrice is a mother, knitter, and urban chicken keeper.  She blogs about cooking, creating, and raising a little boy at Thread and Ladle.


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