Valentine Day crafts with Crystal Junkins of Green Mittens

February 11, 2011

After a few weeks of a break from this space while we have been sorting through submissions for the Spring Edition of Rhythm of The Home , we are back to share a wonderful Valentines Day crafting activity with you. We hope that you will enjoy the next few weeks of wonderful posts, and we are just two short weeks away from the Spring edition of Rhythm of The Home.

Today, we are joined by Crystal of Green Mittens who shows us how to make some recycled seed paper valentine flowers to share and plant with the ones that you love.

This past weekend we carved out an afternoon to make Valentine cards for Johann’s preschool Valentine’s Day party. We made cards out of red and pink cardstock in the shape of little flowers with the use of one of my cookie cutters as a stencil, and stuck a seed paper center in the middle of each one.  After Valentine’s Day, the children can remove the seed paper centers and plant them in little pots to grow their own wildflowers.

We made the seed paper by

Ripping up paper we found in our recycling bin at home, (a perfect activity for youngsters who like to rip paper to shreds)

Soaking the paper bits in water and letting them sit overnight.

Pureeing the bits in a blender.

Stirring in 4 packets of wildflower seeds with a spoon.

Spreading out the puree on a screen to dry in front of a fan. (the paper puree needs to be spread as thin as possible on the screen so that it can dry as quickly as possible)

When the paper was dry, we cut it into circles, and glued it to the center of each of the cardstock flowers, along with a little stick for the flower stem, and a note telling his friends how to plant the seed paper later.

Johann and George had such fun pushing the button on the blender and watching their paper shreds turn into a pulpy goo that they have requested we make paper again next weekend. So we may be diving back into our paper recycling bin for another batch soon!


Thank you to Crystal for sharing this beautiful piece with the reader of Rhythm of The Home. If you would like to visit Crystal in her own space and see all of the other wonderful crafts that she creates, please visit her at her blog,  Green Mittens.

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Amanda Medlin February 11, 2011 at 10:31 pm

What a great idea! This is definitely going to go on my list of projects to do with my boys. Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne February 12, 2011 at 1:54 am

So cute. Dhari loves ripping up paper, so this might be a good one.

Tammy Sanders February 12, 2011 at 2:50 pm

I need to get me a screen. My boys love to make bowls from the paper pulp.

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